Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Inauguration of the Learning Resources Centre

Such a pleasing event. Finally inaugurating the Learning Resources Centre.
Many people had put in a great deal of work so as to have all the displays and indeed the books on the shelves on time and the place looked great.
As I said in my speech, a building alone does not provide the vision that we have. People do, but the building does provide the focus and facilities for a modern, forward looking school.
I quote a little from the inauguration speech I gave:
But what of the Learning Resources Centre? What is this building?
You will see three clip-art symbols on its logo, depicted on the programme - which gives some indication of function: a book, a computer screen with an i in the middle, and a group of people in front of an image of the World.

The book - because it is a library. We value reading, we value access to books, periodicals and magazines. We live increasingly in a technological world but know that our comfort and strength comes from the pleasure and functionality that books can give us.
The computer screen with an i because computers, the internet, digital technology and digital information are our access to knowledge, our ability to create new knowledge, our ability to communicate, our ability to collaborate.
Communication, cooperation, collaboration are the ideas behind the group of people and the World seen on the logo. Besides the technology, the LRC has seminar rooms, meeting rooms and recording rooms, enabling group work to be undertaken.
The Vision of the Academia Britanica Cuscatleca is to create responsible and outstanding citizens. Citizens of the school, of the community, of El Salvador, of the World. From this comes our Vision for the use of Information and Communication Technology in our school: Our students will be responsible digital citizens who will learn effectively and live productively in a digital world.

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