Monday, 8 December 2008

Venturing into Google Apps for Education

We have taken the plunge. After working on the general GApps system, with each using their private Gmail account, we have moved over to using Google Apps for Education.
We are taking it slowly, with the central core of users changing first.
It took 4 days for my Gmail to transfer from my private Gmail account to the GApps4Ed account and we are transferring Gdocs into the system as well as making sure all new Gdocs are initiated in the GApps4Ed site.
Some immediate points I notice:
  1. The spam folder is almost always empty. This is good - and for a school really important. When we move students into this system this will be a real plus.
  2. It seems fast. Difficult to prove this, just an impression.
  3. Using Firefox there is no problem between having tabs pointing to the old system and the new. It does not get confused with user and password issues.
  4. Gnotebook is not available in GApps4Ed but there is no difficulty in using it. With the embedded link bottom right of Firefox I can access the notebook at any time.
  5. We have enabled GLab features and it is easy to chat, have a bigger range of stars to mark mail and, really usefully, use GTasks - great feature.

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mrsjgarcia said...

George, I have noticed something that can be a bit annoying, when trying to share a doc with someone outside our domain it gives me an error message:Sorry, but a server error prevented your document from being shared. Please try again.

Have you had this same problem?