Sunday, 14 June 2009

Drop Box - truely awesome.

Had to check the Awesome tick box. On Drop Box . It really is the place to keep your stuff in the cloud.
Drop Box is a folder on your computer. Drag anything into it (or save into it) and off it goes into the cloud. But it remains on your computer. And, if you install Drop Box on your second computer/laptop, it updates it there too.
So you have up-to-date copies of your documents where you need them.
It is really "awesome" to watch when you have your laptop next to your desktop - drag a document into your Drop Box on your laptop, seconds later you can see it in your Drop Box on your desktop. Oh, did I tell you that I run XP on my laptop but Ubuntu on the desktop? It doesn't matter!
Truely awesome.
Please get it following this link and I will get a bit more storage space.


Judith Shorrocks said...

Being a bit of a pleb - if all your docs are already in the clouds, why do you want another place to keep them?
Have to confess to being unable to find the time to investigate the true virtues of DP, so no doubt am missing something significant.

George said...

It's all in the synchronisation. Not only is it up in the cloud but it is also on your computer - no internet, no problem - and it is kept synchronised.
If you work on two computers (desktop and laptop, say), then all three locations are kept synchronised.