Monday, 30 November 2009

Mindmap for websites

Bookmarking is a problem. Where do you do it? Do you stick to ONE system? If so, for how long?
I have tried the obvious - the star on the left of the url box on Google Chrome; bookmarking on Google Bookmarks; the social bookmarking sites and diigo.
An alternative is a site where you know you will find the link that you are after.
(But where do I bookmark it?)


destech said...

Mind Mapping is a great way to plan (anything) but especially a website or teaching material. I used to be a full time teacher and education manager but now I am trying to make it in the world of full time training in the use of Mind Mapping and Mind Mapping software. I was trained by Tony Buzan in January this year and have been developing more and more techniques for the use of Mind Mapping for students, teachers and their parents. In my opinion Mind Mapping is a very effective way to learn, to recall and develop new ideas because it uses both sides of the brain.

mrsjgarcia said...

Hi George,

I am running Diigo and Simplybox at the same time with both of them bookmarking automatically to Delicious for me. Basically, Delicious is my back up for the other two. I really wish I could link Simplybox and Diigo, then things would be perfect. Anyhow, Simply box is great for things I use on a regular basis, as it is very visual and easy to pull my bookmarks from. The same could be said for Diigo, but then I would have to begin organising years worth of bookmarks into lists and groups (I imported my entire Delicious account, where they were bundled, when linking them up-on purpose).It seems like such an enormous job really, so Diigo handles all the main things as well as overflow that I don't box. That way I know that everything is there in one form or another, as well as a backed up to Delicious.