Sunday, 8 August 2010

Google Apps to add more apps

Google announces that Blogger, Reader, Picasa Web Albums and other Google services will shortly be available directly from Google Apps accounts (business and education editions). It seems that it will involve "a significant overhaul to our underlying systems" and so are moving forward carefully. It is welcomed - although my Chrome browser seems to handle the new services and the old apps on different tabs, there are hiccups at times.
How will they manage transfer of existing services on other accounts? Will we be able to transfer or will it apply only to new content on applications to be offered on Google Apps?
LATER: there must be some transition work - trying to open GDocs on Apps from a link on the docs main page and getting "We are sorry but xxx does not have access to this account" on a document with only me having permission to view/edit whilst opening with no problems when opening another shared document! Very curious.

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mrsjgarcia said...

Interesting George, I have been looking forward to this for a while. It will make things so much simpler, when working with students. We will no longer need to run two different Google accounts each year. Is there a time line available for this?