Monday, 20 December 2010

Adult learning vs student learning

Came across a discussion regarding the difference between adult learning/teaching (andragogical learning theory) and student/child learning/teaching (pedagogical learning theory).
This was interesting - and relevant to educational technology - since it deals with who has the responsibility for learning to take place.  In andragogical learning theory it is the adult learner who has the responsibility for the learning to have taken place, whilst in school based learning, the educator is assumed to have that responsibility.
Where does the pedagogical/adragogical change occur? We talk about developing study skills in students, of having less directed time for older students, but it seems that school based educators never lose that responsibility for the learning to have taken place.
Should this be so? When should young adults take over that responsibility?
And should the adult educators (lecturer is the normal title - telling indeed) not have some of that responsibility?

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