Wednesday, 4 January 2012

"Chance favours the connected mind"

Looking around for resources to explain our Open Learning initiative in school, I came across Steven Johnson's video describing his book "Where Good Ideas Come From - the Natural History of Innovation".
He ended with the comment that "chance favours the connected mind" - and his presentation illustrates the way that new ideas are generated (basically mash-ups of own and other ideas put together over time, discarded and improved).
In a time of multiple (too many?) connection channels, the chances for being fertilised by good ideas improves, so connections to new knowledge and understanding are made.
The idea of Connectivist learning is not so easy to grasp but I found this presentation a reassuring explanation for the concept.
Thanks to John for the well put together set of resources on the question of assessment and learning, which connected me to Active Learning and then on to the connected mind - showing the concept in action. #change11
(version in Spanish below that in English)

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