Friday, 11 May 2012

From Meta-research to Practice - John Hattie's Visible Learning for Teachers

John Hattie's new book "Visible Learning for Teachers" (2012, Routledge) follows on from the meta-analyses published in "Visible Learning" of 2009. The book is in hardcover and expensive ($126.57) but available on Kindle.
He proposes two major traits of successful teachers:
  • "S/he sees learning through the eyes of her/his students"
  • "S/he helps students become their own teachers"
Additionally, he lists several "Mind Frames" of teachers who bring about successful learning, here are some:
  • seeker of feedback
  • use dialogue more than monologue
  • have high expectations for all
  • welcome error
And a flavour of some of the others:
  • use learning intentions and success criteria
  • aim for surface and deep outcomes
  • set high expectations
  • create trusting environments
  • give and receive feedback
  • monitor and interpret my learning/teaching
Those two last aspects are key to improvement of learning and teaching, having a "passion for evaluating impact" as Hattie put it. "Know thy impact" - this is the central theme of the book.
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