Friday, 11 January 2013

Introducing Learning Design - OLDSMOOC Wk1

Yishay Mor introduces us to Learning Design in his presentation for the #oldsmooc in week 1. He differentiates between "Craft" and "Design" in Education, concluding that Design is "making stuff better" with Learning is turning information into knowledge, Teaching is shaping learning and Education is learning design ("devising new practices, plans of activity, resources and tools aimed at achieving particular educational aims in a given situation", from his article with B Craft, 2012).
He talks about other definitions of Learning Design, involving other foci, and other approaches. Words are confusing here - Instructional Design vs Learning Design - same thing? I wonder if there is an ocean between what people mean with each of these. Instructional seems very teacher directed, learning seems much more student focused. I do not agree with Mor's idea that it is simply potayto and potahto.
He ends with the cycle for Learning Design which forms the approach of this MOOC.

Is this the only approach to Learning Design? Here is David Lynch of CQ University going through the 8 learning management questions of his approach to produce a learning management plan:

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