Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Emergence of Ultramobiles in Education

The ISTE webinar on ultramobiles was interesting.
In terms of the webinar itself, the sound dropped out a couple of times (we had had problems all day at school with our broadband) but it was generally easy to follow. It was on an Adobe platform with PPP slides and a voice commentary.
Alice Owen and Sam Farsaii had good advice and gave a very useful view of their experience so far.
They shared their "wish list" which would provide a very good starting point for any school considering the one to one approach:
10" screen
Not a miniature keyboard
3 USB slots
4 in 1 card slot
VGA out
Carts that fit

The list of possible ultramobiles was interesting. These were the ones they considered (I have shown the latest models, not perhaps the ones they considered at the time):
XO from the One Laptop per Child project 

Intel Classmate PC Clamshell and Tablet (this one is the convertible)

Dell Inspiron Mini 9

The Asus was what they settled on. 

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