Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What uses can VLEs be put to in blended learning environments?

What uses can Virtual Learning Environments be put to when blended with traditional courses?

VLEs can complement and supplement amended traditional courses in the following ways:
VLEs Allow students to
Recap on what has been taught and supposedly learned;
Delve further into a topic of interest;
Review with others so as to improve learning and performance in tests;
Have teacher develop and have materials available on the VLE for own use in class;
Discuss particular topics in a closed forum, guided by a teacher or student facilitator;
Scribe of the day approaches to notes.
Catch up on missed lessons or coursework.
Collaborate on and publish work online.
Take a machine marked test to be used formatively by the student.

Additionally, by producing VLE courses which students take in their own time, they experience self-directed learning by the type of learning or training medium which they will experience at university and at work.

What else is there?

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