Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tech Professional Development in Schools - a model

Following on from last week's MOOC discussion on Managing Technology and my post on "Have a process/structure but don't kill the innovation", I have been talking (yes! F2F) with our team and looking at a process for technological professional development for schools. Thanks Jennifer for Diigo-ing Mark Brumley's April 2011 post on a "New Paradigm for Professional Development - Part 2", which I have mashed up into something that might work for us and our "Technology for Learning" initiative.


Jared Stein said...

Nice consolidation of these ideas. One suggestion: have your arrow and stages move UP rather than down. This coordinates with what you're saying re. moving "up" levels of Bloom's taxonomy of the cognitive domain.

George said...

Thanks for the point, Jared.
This is definitely a work in progress with the idea of starting at the Technology for Learning Forum idea (get all that are interested involved and re-involved in a new initiative, with supporting Learning being the technological focus) and then for some (most? all?) to progress to the next stage and so on. So in that sense there is direction.
Can see your equally valid view of it, too. We shall see how the idea works over time....