Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tools for Collective Learning

  • How does individual learning interact with collective learning? What tools are used by the individual to make sense of the learning, to make the learning collaborative,  perhaps to make the learning collective? This interactive diagram by Samantha Penney using Bloom's Taxonomy is a great aide-memoire of the digital tools available at each part of the hierarchy.

  •  This is another version of Bloom's Taxonomy but related to Google tools, from Kathy Schrock.

    • Social objects being the glue that holds/binds the collective learning together - but what are these social objects? 
    • Could it be the learning goal? Or the assignment or task? Case study of a patient?
    • But could there be many social objects in one learning experience? How do these interact? How can this  become more formal learning?
    • (We seem to be at the beginning of trying to define this and to find examples of the social objects that enable collective learing to take place)
    • Good point about crowdsourcing - just because it is being picked out by the crowd, it does not mean that it is the best available.
    • Charting: how do you make sense of the collective knowledge - four actions
      • Connect to the collective
      • Consume the knowledge in some way
      • Create your mash-up of the knowledge, re-purposing (but copyright, cultural issues)
      • Contribute to the collective
    • Charting a four step process - and most people will be comfortable with the first two; what do we need to do th enable Create and Contribute to happen? Lou states that they fall into these two subsets.

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