Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Attempting some structure for #change11 - some harder technology

The change11 MOOC site is well designed thanks to Stephen Downes and serves as the nerve centre for this fast-paced gallop through all things change in learning.
I am trying out symbaloo as a dashboard for all things connected with this MOOC - if it works for you please feel free to add and adjust!


jupidu said...

Interesting tool, seems I'm not allowed to add or move anything?

George Hobson said...

This is new to me too - am discovering that it is not a "community" dashboard but an individual one - you can copy it (use it as a template) then make your own changes.
I have added my ideas on it - but will have left out anything outside of my parcellation.
Have found that it is useful as a one page bookmark of most things MOOC.

Unknown said...

I had not heard of this tool until your post today. Looks like an excellent addition to orientation for the MOOC course to keep organized