Monday, 20 May 2013

All our eggs in one basket - problems with Google Apps

We have had a rogue account on our Google Apps for Education system. One of our student accounts had been taken over and something spam-ish or worse happened.  We got an e-mail from Google to our Administrator about the account with the following information:
The following is an automated security notification from Google about your domain accounts.
It has come to our attention that some of your user accounts might have been compromised and are being used to send spam from your domain: xxx
The following users in your Google Apps domain appear to be affected:
We have disabled the users in a way that they can be recovered by the admin. Please follow the actions below before you re-enable these users.
We have taken the action required (reset password, completed the Gmail Security Checklist – all 9 points – and looked at the Google Apps Email Audit API information).
But Blogger has been disabled. Any access to blogger from our GApps domain goes to a repeating Captcha which does not resolve to the blog required – that is any blog on blogger.
What is the answer? How is this resolved? I can POST to Blogger but I can't see it!!!

UPDATE: Blogger now working. What was the problem? Rogue account? Possibly. More likely it is to do with automated queries from our website to blogs. We have a communications page which reproduces just a few lines of each post of some key blogs on a blog integrator space. We have stopped the automatic updates and are working on another solution.
Strange how it all happened at the same time.

gmail security checklist

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