Friday, 24 May 2013

Preparing Learners for the 21st Century - what we are working on

How do you prepare learners for the 21st Century?
This is a theme that has preoccupied educators for years. At our school we have been sharing and discussing the latest pronouncements and ideas, trying to see how we can consider the type of changes that are necessary to move us from "factory" education to one which truly empowers our students in all sorts of ways, but without destroying all that we do so well to make our students successful in our present world.
We planned a 3 hour retreat for the School Management Team, in the morning (when we might be at our freshest!).
We are not starting from scratch on this, having been posting resources on our "School fit for the future" site and using Diigo, e-mails and meetings to share. So for this retreat we decided that each of us would have a maximum of five minutes to bring to the table some perspective which would form the basis for discussion. This blog post lists two of these ideas.
[Would you believe it - we had a power-cut for the whole of the session! It was a talking and whiteboard only session but it was none the poorer for that; refreshing, actually!]
Mandy had asked her top 5th graders for their opinions. She brought in a long poster roll with the result, in their own handwriting.
Thanks to the Grade 5 "Think Tank": Jeffrey, Marcelo, Ariana, Andrea and Andrea, and Silvana.

This was, as always when you involve children, enlightening.

My contribution used two sources - one expected and well known, the other from someone working in the digital field. This was a recording made prior to the retreat.

Enter learner to view the video

What are YOUR thoughts about this? What should schools be emphasising, changing, dropping, adding so as to prepare learners for the 21st Century?

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