Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Could this be the answer?

Could the latest netbook from Dell be the answer?
We are considering whether to replace desktops with laptops in the Primary School. But there are some advantages in having desktops and some definite disadvantages to laptops.
Dell have announced their new educational netbook - the Latitude 2100.

Here are the features listed with the definite disadvantages of using laptops in this school setting:
Easily damaged - the 2100 has a rubberised casing.
Easily "lost" - the 2100 has a Lock Spot.
Difficult to keep charged/cables everywhere - the 2100 slots into a cart where it is charged but also network updated.
Keyboard difficult - the 2100 can be had with a touch screen.
Difficult to monitor what the student is doing - the 2100 has an activity light on the back of the screen, so that the teacher can see if there is network or internet activity (clever...).
Here is the announcement from Endgadget (thanks Fernando for the link).

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