Sunday, 31 May 2009

Google Wave - Buena Onda

Google Wave seems to get closer to synchronous communication, yet provides the advantages that asynchronous communication can have (record of conversations, able to work at different times, rich set of collaborative information/data/games/photos/videos/etc available).
Lars Rasmussen describes the three layers that Google Wave has - the product, the platform, and the protocol:
  • the product is an HTML 5 app and built on the Google Web Toolkit, functioning as a rich text editor and with desktop drag and drop features;
  • it is a platform with open APIs - allowing Waves to be built into other products and for other products to be brought into a Wave;
  • the protocol is the format for storing and sharing - with "live concurrency control" allowing edits to be reflected instantly across users and interfaces.
So, as they say in Spanish, Google Wave is "buena onda".....

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