Thursday, 14 May 2009

Not the Information Age but the Learning Age.

Stephen Heppell has posted this new video regarding the way schools ought to be going - the path to learning in the future.
Two quotes: "... to produce ingenious, collaborative, gregarious, creative people..." and "... people that are passionate about what they do never stop learning...". Good quotations to bear in mind.

Re-reading Brown and Duguid's "The Social Life of Information" brings to mind the difference between knowledge and information.
Knowledge entails a knower,it appears to be harder to detach than information and requires MUCH MORE BY WAY OF ASSIMILATION (p119 and p120). They go on to say that "circulating human knowledge ... is not simply a matter of search and retrieval" and "learning is the acquisition of knowledge" (all good Theory of Knowledge stuff!).
So, I agree with Stephen Heppell's comment that we are not in the Information Age but the Learning Age (Acquisition of Knowledge Age? Not snappy enough). There are connections here with Marc Prensky's Digital Wisdom...

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