Monday, 5 September 2011

If Web 3.0 (the Semantic Web) is the destination, how are we going to get there?

Google has done a great job of helping us find information. However, we have to use judgement as to what bits are useful. And as the amount of information on web pages that is indexed increases to unthinkable and unreachable proportions, we have diminishing returns.
The Semantic Web is given as the next x.0, in this case 3.0. Can it be so? What is the Semantic Web?
This is a Kate Ray documentary on the Semantic Web: 

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.
But how do we get there? What are the pitfalls? Are we in the midst of marketting hype which will get in the way of this utopian ideal? And how is Google+ tuned into this? How is it going to get us there?

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