Thursday, 15 September 2011

Learning and Teaching Principles - developing critical thinking skills and life long learner attitudes

The second of five learning and teaching principles addresses the skills for critical thinking and the development of the attitudes for global citizenship and being life-long learners.
We have tried to simplify many principles into a manageable number. Have we gone too far? Should this one have been two? Or three even?

Principle Two: Students are given the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and the attitudes to become globally aware, life long learners.
Supporting Statements
a.     Students develop confident thinking, learning and study skills as part of their progression into a modern independent self reliant learner.
b.     Students understand and develop the skills and attitudes they need to be a lifelong learner and are encouraged to develop a thirst for knowledge and understanding.
c.     Teachers engage in regular professional development at a whole school, department and individual level. As learners, teachers model the behaviour of a “life-long learner” and encourage a culture of learning.
d.     Students are provided with opportunities to develop and understand different types of critical thinking and problem solving skills across the curriculum
e.     Students and teachers recognise the connections between different types and different areas of knowledge within subjects and across subjects.
f.      There are clear cross curricular policies on numeracy, literacy, thinking skills and ICT
g.     Students are aware of global issues and are able to appreciate the views and cultures of others. They are developing as open minded global citizens.
h.     The school actively includes parents in the education of their children with information and support on how to help.

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