Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Powerful messages

There are several videos that provide the same message regarding technology in schools. Here is a seven minute version of one called "Pay Attention".

But has anyone examined the data contained? The message is powerful but do the implications necessarily follow?

The quotation from David Warlick sums up the video clip:
"How do we turn our classrooms into learning engines? Pay attention to our children's intensely rich information experiences."

Putting aside the term "learning engines" for a moment (what does it mean? is it desirable?), the quotation asks teachers to look at the intensely rich information experiences that our students are having and emulate these experiences so as to produce better learning.

I am no Luddite and heavily into technology. But I also recognise the rich learning that can take place within the social context of a classroom and without the recourse to Web 2.0.

Now, if the video implores us to add these digital ed-tech media and contexts, allowing us to expand the learning possibilities, then Amen to that.

However, the next steps that we take (in our particular setting and perhaps many others) are crucial because we have to take teachers with us. All (or nearly all) teachers - not just the enthusiasts.

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