Tuesday, 24 June 2008

VLEs - what do we want from them?

A Virtual Learning Environment implies a complete system. Within it the learner would find everything that would be needed to re-enforce and extend the F2F classroom course (remember I am teasing apart what a VLE would be like to support children in schools).

So the VLE would have some way for the teacher to write a general course and then specific lesson plans, together with differentiation learning and extension activities for particular groups.

It would have a method for individual students to receive learning, assignments, tasks, groupings, etc, and to be able to respond to the group or teacher with some kind of product (RSS to their own tab on a browser page???).

The VLE would allow the teacher to track what is happening, receive responses or products, and report on and record appropriate assessments.

How can Web 2.0 applications and opportunities be welded/melded/coordinated together to produce all the above?

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