Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A Taxonomy of General Ecologies

I found this useful, a way of getting to grips with the different locations for learning and cooperation activities.

Dividing the axes into time (same time, different time) and place (same place, different place) allows us to consider the methods to employ.

Same Time + Same Place - traditional classroom with didactic presentations, videos, digital projection, electronic whiteboard, etc.

Same Time + Different Place - synchronous technologies such as videoconferencing, audio links, telephones, chat rooms, remote classrooms, Second Life, etc.

Different Time + Same Place - bulletin boards, teamrooms, workstations, etc - although I think I have exhausted the list here.

Different Time + Different Place - asynchronous technologies such as e-mail, voice, mail, web forums, messaging, Moodle and other VLEs, etc.

From O'Hara-Devereaux and Johansen (1984) quoted in chapter "Presence in Teleland" by Gary Fontaine in "Handbook of Online Learning" (Innovations in Higher Education and Corporate Training, Rudestam, KE and Schoenholtz-Read, J Eds, Sage 2002).

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